Thrift Store Oddity to Functional Earring Rack

I found this beauty at a local Salvation Army for $2.00. I couldn’t quite figure out its intended use, but it was made of solid, beautiful wood and I figured I could find something useful to do with it.

I originally tried hanging necklaces on it, but the distance between the racks was too short. Things got tangled. Chaos.

Meanwhile, the storage facilities for the over-sized dangling earrings I am so fond of were woefully inadequate. It was difficult to put together matched pairs and find the best pair for my ensemble, #firstworldproblems, but an unnecessary inconvenience nonetheless.

It was time to get an earring rack. Being of thrifty skills and minimal budget, I decided to convert this slightly useless object into an earring rack.


  • Wooden Thrift Store Find
  • Dremel Rotary Drill
  • 3/32″ Drill Bit
  • Safety Goggles
  • Ruler (optional)
  • Marking Pen (optional)
  • Painter’s Tape (optional)

This is a pretty simple project because there’s no need to be precise. I used a Dremel because it’s a small and versatile tool, but feel free to use any kind of drill that will hold a small bit. A 3/32″ bit was large enough to store earrings with ease, but not so large that it aesthetically disruptive.

As an extra step, if you would like to prevent minor chip out or prevent surface damage, place painter’s tape on the surface you are about to drill. Spacing between the holes is really up to you. This rack already had natural divisions, but I recommend leaving 1/4″ between two holes for the same pair and 1/2″ between different pairs. The pattern would look like this:

– – – – o – – o – – – – o – – o – – – –o – – o – – – –

Mark these out with a pen between 3/16″ and 1/4″ from the edge.

Before you start drilling, put on your safety glasses. Sawdust will start flying up and you will not be pleased if some gets in your eyes.

Turn your drill on full speed. Press the bit on each mark until it drills through. Continue until all of your marks have been drilled.

Remove the tape and brush off the sawdust. Install on your wall and hang all of your earrings!


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