My Making Manifesto

“Pretty in Pinko” is about challenging you to upcycle, create, craft, sew, make, paint, and interact with objects in new ways. I will examine gender and homemaking stigmas, highlight the handmade movement*, and promote the locavore lifestyle* by sharing my own personal projects, favorite articles, media, and resources. I’m here to bridge the DIY philosophical gap between Martha Stewart and Sid Vicious.

My Philosophy:

  • Move beyond Martha! There is more than one way to approach artful living. Nothing is more inspiring than a space or object that expresses who you are.
  • Enjoying baking, sewing, or taking pride in your space does not make you less of a feminist or less of a man.
  • DIY isn’t a skill set; it’s an attitude! It’s about recognizing your ability to alter your environment and define your own way of living.
  • Engaging in material culture better equips you to question means of production and empowers you to become a more critical consumer.

*Here are some terms for those who are “green” to the Red Party:

Pinko: This term came about in the McCarthy era to describe a Communist sympathizer. It was usually applied to people who were not officially affiliated with the party, but who, either directly or indirectly, enabled a “radical leftist agenda.” Communism was known as the “red party,” so it’s sympathizers were seen as “pink.”

Sid Vicious: Notorious and influential bassist from the Sex Pistols. He is seen by many as the quintessential visual icon of punk style. An attitude of anti-consumerism was essential to philosophy within the punk movement. They protested the processes that created mass commercial products by embracing DIY techniques.

Martha Stewart: VICIOUS.

Upcycling: The process of making trash or discarded materials into something functional and beautiful.

Locavore: A person who strives to support local institutions. This is usually talked about in terms of shopping and eating at locally, but it’s an attitude that can be distilled into all parts of life.

Handmade Movement: I use this term to refer to the contemporary resurgence in items that have been made by hand.

DIY: Do. It. Yourself. It is a philosophy celebrating the amateur! Being a true DIYer means you celebrate process and take pride in shaping the world around you. You’re always ready to learn more about how things work and challenge your physical environment.

Trotsky: A Russian Marxist revolutionary and theorist. Viewed by many as the “true spirit of Marxism,” he was exiled and assassinated by Stalin for leading the movement against the bureaucratic tactics of the Soviet Union.


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